My (Work) Desk

I was leaving work today and realized that I have a weird desk. I mean, a really weird desk. It screams public librarian. I’ve always enjoyed blog posts where people reveal their work spaces, so I thought i’d show off mine. Today – work desk. Tomorrow – home writing desk.

Great, right? Okay, so I’ll explain –

Top row – random papers, balloons, felt pieces (for penguin craft), cup, pens (including my awesome Wimpy Kid pencil-topper), flag (from the citizenship classes I teach) ball, box of pencils (for craft), tissues, lots of books*, nerdfighter bookmark, hand sanitizer (because some books returned are just gross), library mug, paper hedgehog, crown (for being an Employee of the Year finalist), files, paper strong man (because who DOESN’T have a paper strong man on their desk?)

Bottom row – Multiple Flat Ponces**, calendar, laptop, rest of penguin craft, juggling balls (for circus program – made out of balloons and rice), Wimpy Kid diary (also for upcoming program.)

As you can see, my desk primarily acts as a resting place for craft supplies and program preparation. It’s crowded and messy most of the time. It’s colorful and crazy. And man, I love it.

* – My favorite book there is Huck Finn. A girl donated it, and it’s all annotated with her notes. But these aren’t “this is symbolic because,” notes, oh no…they’re “OMG HE IS AWFUL” notes. And I feel like THAT’S how you should read a book. She’s relating to it, responding to it. And it’s awesome.

** – My library is celebrating Florida’s 500th birthday with many programs and crafts and promotional materials. One thing we have is Flat Ponce de Leon. We’ve already given him a tour of the library. My co-worker and I are now giving him new clothes, because WHY NOT?

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