RTW: Best Book of January

This week’s Road Trip WednesdayWhat’s the best book you read in January? 

Probably this one:

Peter and the Starcatchers

by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

S bought it for me back in December right after we saw Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway. I adored the musical more than words can say, so I felt the need to read the original material. And it was fun! It’s Peter’s story before he was The Peter Pan. I enjoy recommending it at the library now.

I’ve always been fond of the Peter Pan story, which is why we saw the play in the first place. The play was magical in the sense that it wasn’t magical. There were no special effects, no crazy Spiderman-esque wiring to make the characters fly. No, it asked for you to use your imagination and pretend the ladder was really a mountain, the rope was really a wave, the girl was flying, and not just sitting on a see-saw. I loved that so much because it, as cheesy as it sounds, reminded me of being a kid. When a blanket was a Batgirl cape, a princess dress, a ninja turtle belt. When a covered corner was a cave, a secret hideout, a magical palace. The show reminded me to dream, believe, imagine, and try. So, to me, the show felt magical.

And I might have teared up at the end.

“Pity the child who lives in a fact-based world.”

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