Freaking. Out.

There’s always one point in the semester when I feel like the world is exploding. The assignments pile up and I don’t see how I’m going to navigate through everything. Yet, I always do – I always survive, make it out unscarred. I’m always okay. I know this – but every semester, the moment comes and I panic.

I’m at that stage now. I thought i’d be able to handle my hefty load (work, grad school, volunteering, tutoring, wedding planning), but it turns out I can’t. I can’t breathe. It’s overwhelming, but I hate admitting defeat. I ended up not accepting the job as a tutor – it would take too much time away from school. I have two projects due this week, two wedding vender meetings, and loads of stress.

So I’m constantly reminding myself that it’ll be okay. I can see the stars outside my window right now. They’re bright, illuminating the night sky, reminding me that if they can shine through the clouds, I can move through the semester. And this feeling, too, shall pass.

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