Librarian / Media Specialist / Teacher Giveaway!

You know what I have? An extra copy of THE NIGHT WE SAID YES.

You know who I’d like to give it to? A school/public/academic librarian or teacher for their collection.

Why? As a librarian, I know funding for collections is tough. And libraries need books.

SO! If you’re a librarian or media specialist or teacher, and would like a copy of TNWSY for your collection, let me know! Tweet me (@laurengibaldi) or comment here by end of the day, Friday 8/28, with your name and school/library and I’ll randomly select a winner. I’ll even throw in a bunch of bookmarks*. And then I’ll celebrate having my book in a new library.


*All who enter will get bookmarks! Yay bookmarks!

33 thoughts on “Librarian / Media Specialist / Teacher Giveaway!

  1. Paula Pickwick says:

    Lauren, I no longer work at the library but I know that the Charles P. Jones Memorial Library in Covington, Va. would LOVE to get your book! It is a small library in a small town but I loved them all so much! Give it a thought!!

  2. Katharine Kan says:

    I would love a copy! I’ll also be happy with bookmarks – my students love bookmarks! Thanks for the offer!

  3. blnkfrnk says:

    This is exactly what my students would love, so I hope I win! If not, oh well, and thanks for being so generous! I’m at Cesar Chavez Middle School, Hayward, CA.

  4. Michelle Van Horn says:

    My students are always clamoring for more romance books.
    Michelle Van Horn
    Crawfordsville M.S.
    705 Wallace Avenue
    Crawfordsville, IN 47933

  5. Grace Larochelle says:

    We would love to have your book here at the Hooksett Public Library in New Hampshire! If we don’t win, we’ll buy it anyways! 🙂

  6. Molly Wetta says:

    Hey, Lauren! I have of course purchased TNWSY for my public library collection, but my partner teaches english/special ed in a public high school with a sad, unhelpful librarian who does not prioritize the purchasing of new YA fiction for the collection, so we stock his classroom library with YA books (through giveaways and our own purchases). I’d love to add TNWSY to it!

  7. Emily Havey says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks for thinking of the libraries. Georgetown Peabody Library, Georgetown MA would love a copy.

  8. Kirsten Hansen says:

    For all the teens who say, “I’ve read every Sarah Dessen book!” and for every reader that I’m trying to hook in, and for the good of my small budget and slowly-getting-renovated collection, I would love a copy of this book at the Aldrich Public Library in Barre, VT.

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