Book 4

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Publishing is a tricky business.

When we sold TNWSY, I received a two-book deal, which was (and still is) extremely exciting. Aside from TNWSY, I had two other completed manuscripts to offer, and had high hopes one of them would be the perfect fit.

As it turns out, things aren’t that easy.

The second book just wasn’t right, and I agree with that. It’s kind of…a mess from being re-written so many times. So it’s sitting on my laptop now, wondering if it’ll ever be anything more. (I hope so. I plan to strip it down and start fresh one day because I really like the characters. But, we’ll see, right?)

The third book was a no go, too, because another writer beat me to it. Just as I was about to pass it along to my agent, a deal was announced that was very similar to the story I wrote. So, I pushed that one aside, too, with plans of re-writting it eventually and changing it up quite a bit. (I’ve already started, in a way, too. There’s an outline.)

And then there was the started Book 4 that I left halfway through. It wasn’t right, I knew that.

So that leaves me with a two-book deal and only one viable book. Well…as of yesterday I finished writing and provisionally editing my fourth manuscript! It was insane and crazy and weird to think I’ve written that much. I finished it at work, honestly, during my dinner break. So I didn’t cry and flail like I wanted to, but I did smile endlessly and take the above screenshot.

Will that one be my follow-up? I have no idea. But I have hopes for it. It was fun to write, and different from the other stories. So we’ll see.

What i’ve learned most, though, is to not be discouraged by these set backs. If anything, they’ve made me write more, made me write better. Made me stretch what I knew and liked. They challenged me, and I always love a good challenge.

This comes with being a writer. You get used to the excitement. You get used to the let downs. And you carry on, knowing you’ve got it in you.

So, yes, I have hopes for this book, but i’m not done. I already have an idea brewing for Book 5, and we’ll see where that takes me, right?

3 thoughts on “Book 4

  1. Staceyey says:

    It’s never quite a straight path, is it? I’m sorry about how book 3 was shelved, and good for you for knowing that book 4 wasn’t working – that happens to me a lot. I get ideas, and usually about 20K in, I chuck it at the wall (not literally). But very exciting that you have a two book deal! 😀

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