Happy News!

Though in 2015 i’ll be birthing THE NIGHT WE SAID YES, I’m going to be birthing something a bit different a little sooner…

A baby!

That’s right, S and I are having our first child, due April 26. We’re both extremely excited and terrified. But mostly excited. Okay, mostly terrified. We’re going to be parents!

We’re counting on our child having horrible eyesight (as we’ve both worn glasses since practically birth) and quite a bit of hair (Indian/Italian heritage will do that to them). And we’re so, so excited to meet him/her. (I might have nicknamed it Voldy, short for Voldemort, because for a while it doesn’t have a nose while developing. And I thought it was hilarious.  S is catching on. This should probably say something about my future parenting skills.)

I’ve gotten a bit of advice from friends about this because, honestly, AHHH! How am I going to do it? How do you become a mommy? Is there an upgrade to my mind that I have to purchase? How am I going to balance family/friends, writing, and work? But I think my friend Joe said it best:

You’ll hear a lot of advice in the coming months because people love you and they mean well, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: None of us has any idea what we’re doing. It’s kind of like when I graduated from college and got my first job and realized that grown-ups have been winging it all along. The responsible air, the surefooted swagger, everything. Each day I’d go to work hoping I could fool people into believing I wasn’t an idiot. But I am an idiot. The good news is we’re all idiots. You’ll do fine. And as far as juggling the job, the marriage, the hobbies, the hopes–I can’t explain it, but you make room. And after a while you’ll look back and wonder how you ever managed to be busy before you had a kid. So when you feel your kidneys being kicked into your throat by that tiny growing incubus, just tell yourself that you’re making room. That, and it’s a lot easier once s/he is out. Or so I’ve been told.

In all, I’m really excited about welcoming our little Voldy into the world I’m excited about being a mom. I’ll probably have my moments of failure, but I’ll keep going. Because that’s what people do. And in the end, what’s the worst I can do, right?!*

*Don’t answer that.

8 thoughts on “Happy News!

  1. susan montgomery says:

    Great news, so happy for the both of you. It’ll be a great surprise when the little actually arrives – keep it that – yes more unprovoked advice from a mom. stay well

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