Nerdfighters in the Library

I’ve mentioned quite a few times previously that I have a nerdfighter club at my library, but have I mentioned that I had an article published on the subject? I have, and it’s now available online for everyone interested to read! (Previously it was only available for those who have a subscription to the journal).

Young Adult Library Services published my article “Nerdfighters in the Library; Or, DFTBA with Teens” back in their Spring 2013 issue. The article is an overview of the club’s first meeting, which was co-created by a teen patron. Our club, much like the nerdfighter online community, encourages creativity and open-mindedness. In addition, the article describes how creating a club with a teen makes it feel more authentic.

The article is now online here, on page 19. 

Here’s a sample: 

There was one point during bingo when John Green recited his definition of a nerd…While he spoke, I looked around and saw everyone silent and smiling, and more than likely thinking the same thing. They aren’t alone. They are in it together. There are others who might be dorky or weird or awkward like them.

And isn’t that just awesome?  

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