I interrupt wedding updates to bring you this:

I was just reading an article from NYMag on MTV music videos, and came across this quote:

“Madonna came into our office on a skateboard, all sweaty and dirty. She went to see Bob Regehr—a big product manager at Warner Bros.—and left a note on his bulletin board that said, ‘Sorry I missed you, because I’m gonna be a star.'”-Susan Silverman, Warner Bros. Exec.

This was before Borderline, before Like a Virgin, before the cone bra. She started out with one name. She started out knowing she’d be huge. She had the gall to tell a major manager that she’d be huge.

I love it.

I wish I had that much faith, that much belief in myself.I wish I had the brashness and gall to be able to tell people that I’m going to be great.

Perhaps I do.

Perhaps that’s what I should work on. Developing not an ego, not a superiority complex, but instead, well, cajones. Yes, I’m going there.

I so badly want to believe in myself enough that I can scream from the rooftops. Tell the world that I’m going to make it. And perhaps, if I believe in myself enough, it’ll all come true.

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