Not one Uggo

By the way, our bridal party? AMAZING. Just look at them. Helpful, hilarious, wonderful. They all became great friends by the end of the wedding, regardless that only a few knew one another prior.

And as one bridesmaid, Shannon, pointed out – there wasn’t one uggo to be found.

(In regards to the photo, yes, we had dinosaurs at the wedding. And a lot of T-Rex arms.)

In leu of my wedding recap (for a bit, at least), here’s what people have been saying about us. (I feel like a celebrity!)

Our groomsman, Ernest, wrote an endearing and funny piece: Challah and Naan.

And our bridesmaid (and bestest friend), Katie, wrote the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Ever.: It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.

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