It Starts

Every time I get a new job, I create a blog post titled “it starts.” I have quite a few. I guess that says something about my career choices.

Today was my first day as a librarian. I’d like to say that it was mind blowing and awe-inspiring, but I can’t. It was just a first day afterall. I can say, though, that I felt at home. And that’s far more than I’ve ever felt at a new job.

The building is beautiful, with cathedral ceilings and exposed beams. There’s an elevator to navigate the four floors, but it’s more fun taking the old, wooden staircase that creeks when too much pressure is applied. The top two floors smell like pages waiting to be turned and leather bindings. I can’t help but smile when walking by.

The bottom floor has remnants of a card catalogue and expanding shelves that move when buttons are pressed. The combination of magic and weathered documents creates a Harry Potter-esque experience, that leaves you wondering which decade it is, exactly.

It was my first day, so aside from the mountains of paperwork and technical setups, I learned the computer system and met my co-workers. I started preparations for a presentation i’m performing, and set up my adorable office*. I’ll start real work tomorrow. And to be honest? I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to start teaching classes to students on how to find viable articles. I can’t wait to sit at a reference desk and answer questions. I can’t wait to help students find books. I did some of this before while working at the bookstore, but I feel like that was just practice. An introductory level, guiding me to this new challenge.

And in the end, I hope it’s the last time i’ll type “it starts,” because for once, I don’t want it to end.

*After getting my degree, I wanted to buy the above poster for my first office. Sadly, it’s only made as a bookmark now. Sigh. I’ll patiently wait for it to be available again. 

3 thoughts on “It Starts

  1. Colure says:

    I really wanted to text you on Monday night and ask you how your first day went, but I kind of figured it might be better to wait and ask you about it after the first week had passed 😉 This library sounds gorgeous!! Can I come visit you at it?? 😉 I’m so excited you’ve finally found the job you’ve been searching for all these years!! And to be fair, I’m not sure the many different jobs you’ve had over the years say much about you – rather, I’d blame the ever-shifting awful economy that sort of began soon after you got out of school 😉

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