I wasn’t quite sure what kind of post should be next on my blog. Optimistic? Humorous? Melancholy? How do I go back to blogging after such an announcement?

Eh, I guess like this.

I really, really appreciate everyone’s comments regarding my mom’s situation. All of the kind thoughts and loving words really meant a lot to me. It’s amazing how much support comes from the blogging community. I already knew about it, which was why I felt comfortable sharing that announcement. I knew you wouldn’t judge.

That said, you can imagine how things are around here right now. Mom’s situation takes precedence, but she’s still quite passionate about our wedding. Which is good, of course – she wants to make it nice and it keeps her mind off of everything. (And I’ve come to learn that a wedding is just as much for the parents as it is for the main couple. I offered delaying the wedding due to her condition, but it’s the, as she puts, one thing that makes her happy right now. Woo hoo!) We’re just really struggling trying to pay for everything.

I mean, seriously, how do people even afford weddings?

I’m going to research into freelancing again. It’s something I like to do, and will require less time than a part-time job (which I do not have the time for, sadly, between my job, grad school, mom’s tests, and actually planning the wedding). Any advice on finding gigs?

I have, however, found amazing ways to save while planning the wedding (which will be included in a future post!) Let’s just say Ikea and I have (once again) become best friends.

I promise a more fun post later.

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