Hey, you know what I’m not doing? Writing in here all the time, like I hoped I would. Apparently things get in the way. It’s sad, really, because I WANT to write, but I rarely find time.

That said, I’m stealing this idea from the lovely Barbetti. She’s listed 30 Little Things to write about in the next 30 days or so (or, in my case, 300 or so). They can be full-out stories, or just thoughts. Let’s see how many I get through!

Write about…Your Workplace

I realized the other day that I have one photo in my office. It’s not of my family or fiance. It’s not of Jetta, although I really should bring one in of him. (I fully believe in the power of puppy pictures). It’s not even of someone I know, or a place I’ve been. It’s a black and white photo taken of Cuban immigrants arriving in Key West during the Mariel Boatlift in 1980.

Let me backtrack.

About a year ago, my boss’s friend contacted him to see if we’d help her with a book she was working on. So, we did and for the past year, along with my daily duties, I’ve been helping write a book on the boatlift. I’d never really heard of it before, but now I’m a bit obsessed with the topic. I’ve read personal accounts and newspaper clippings; I’ve flipped through hundreds of black and white photos depicting both horrendous and heartfelt moments. And although the book is out of my hands at the moment and being reviewed by a publisher (fingers crossed!!), I still have the one photo hanging on my bulletin board.

Maybe it’s because I don’t want to say goodbye to the book yet. But, really, I think it’s because of what it stands for. Those people risked everything to get here. Sickness. pain, loss, death. They did everything for a better life.

A quote on my computer’s desktop image says “Are you doing all you can to become the person you want to be?” They did. They did absolutely everything. So, I suppose in a way I’m in awe of them, and also inspired by them. It wasn’t easy, but they survived.

So, whenever I have drawbacks or irritating moments (even those puppy pictures may not appease), I look at the picture and realize some people had it much worse. But they went on.

And so will I.

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