NoDN Day 2

Dress: Target, Cardigan: NY&Co., Belt: Samir’s, boots: Macys

That’s right, my belt is actually Samir’s. I’m a huge fan of getting clothes on sale. I’ve actually never paid full price on something, including my wedding dress. That said, both the cardigan and boots were Black Friday purchases from last year. Who said you can’t shop for yourself?

The outfit is more Joan without the cardigan:

As for Samir…

He likes dressing up, so this challenge is easy for him.

One thought on “NoDN Day 2

  1. Sarah S. says:

    I love this challenge. If you think people don’t dress up on the east coast, you should see Seattle. Jeans are appropriate at any time. High heels are considered unnecessary, even when going out on the town. Just throw a black fleece over your skinny jeans tucked into your brown boots (that preferrably have a little character – read: worn/aged), and you can go anywhere.

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