Banned Books Week, 2014 Edition

I think one of my favorite displays to make each year for my library is the banned books week one. I have a new theme each time, and love showing people how crazy some of the bans are (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been banned simply because it was thought of as nonsense. Really.). So, one year was focused on classics, one on kids books, one of feeling bad for the characters (please don’t ban me, I love you). Here’s my theme for this year:


And here are my bookmarks:


Excited to hear the reaction this year!

(If you’re a librarian or teacher and interested in using my flyers/bookmarks from this year or the previous ones, please email me! I’ll be happy to send them along.)

Banned Books Week

(UPDATE: The images should be working again. Feel free to use them at your library! I’d love to know if you do! I also removed the dates so you can use them every year.)

Not surprisingly, I’m celebrating Banned Books Week at the library. As it happens, most of my favorite books have been banned at one time or another, so of course I want to publicize this week. Because I believe people should read anything they want to read. Sometimes the more “questionable” materials help us in ways we never expected.

Here are bookmarks I made for the library:

bannedbookmarks1-page-001 bannedbookmarks1-page-002

If you’re a librarian, feel free to use them at your library if you’d like. If you’re a parent, please don’t think Junie B Jones is bad. Please.