Did you know that it’s less than TWO MONTHS before AUTOFOCUS, my second novel, is released? I certainly didn’t until I looked at the date. And cheered. It’s crazy to think that in June (14th, to be exact!) I’ll have two novels out. Wasn’t I just dreaming about writing a few days ago? It was draining to write, but in the best way possible way. I’m so excited for you all to read it.

Currently, advanced copies are being sent around, so here are some ways you can get one!

  • I recently contributed to the These Words Matter series, about the book that made me a reader (Spoiler alert: A Summer to Die by Lois Lowry). Check it out, and enter to win an ARC!
  • Electronic ARCs are up on Edelweiss for bloggers/teachers/librarians to review. So feel free to request it.
  • Last, my writing friend, Kathryn Holmes, and I are doing a giveaway for both of our books (since they release on the same day–ahh!) Check out Twitter to enter!

giveaway instagram

And, last, if you’ve managed to get an advanced copy, I’d love to know! Send me a photo, and i’ll post some soon. 🙂

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