Cover Reveal: Germany!

Want to see the German cover of THE NIGHT WE SAID YES? (Or, shall I say, DIE NACHT, IN DER WIR UNS WIEDERSAHEN?) Ta Da!


Isn’t it great?! The team at Random House Germany CBT did such an amazing job! It’s definitely different from the USA/Canada cover, but oh do I love it! And it’s true to the book – one of my favorite scenes takes place in a pool (and, fun fact, they’re definitely wearing clothes in said scene, as the picture portrays).

Also the title loosely translates to “The Night We Met Again,” which is perfect.

It’s being released August 10, 2015, and i’m so excited to see it out in the wild abroad! (Anyone planning a trip there? Want to get me a picture?)

For fun, here’s info on the book and myself in German. Clearly I have some language learning to do.

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