L has had her first ever cold this past week (which KIND OF got in the way of my cover reveal. THANKS L.TIME YOUR COLDS BETTER.) It’s been sad, seeing her so stuffy and coughing throughout the night. She’s herself, but not really. Tired, angry, sad, confused. And as much as I try to explain to her what’s going on, I know my words aren’t helping much. An appetite would be better. Not vomiting would be better.

But this morning, for a second, between cries, I smiled big at her to cheer her up, and she stopped. She looked up. She beautifully smiled back.

And I thought how wonderful it is, to change your mood so quickly. I thought, how great it is that something as simple as a smile could make you smile, too. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t it be great, if it was always that easy? If you’re having a bad day and a something so simple could turn everything around? That a simple gesture could make a bad feeling great? If that was enough?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a small smile could make you incredibly, overwhelmingly happy?

And then she smiled again.

And then she giggled.

And as I smiled back, I thought, oh, it can. 

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