Some Fellow 2015 Debuts

There are some perks to being an author. One is getting to read other books early. (I suppose reviewers have this perk, too, so NEVER MIND.) As part of the Fearless Fifteeners, we’re passing around early advanced copies of our books, and it’s been so fun reading them. I’ve gotten to enjoy three so far, and highly recommend them all. They are…..


My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga

Beautiful and haunting, it’s about a girl who creates a suicide pact with a boy with a dark past. Though bleak sounding, there’s so much light and hope in it, I cheered. I can really see this one connecting with readers.

Denton Little’s Death Date by Lance Rubin

A new twist on the knowing-when-you’re-going-to-die idea that takes place in exactly one day. So hilarious and so utterly fun (for a death book. I know.)

Conviction by Kelly Roy Gilbert

Oh, how do I talk about this one? A boy thrown into the middle of his father’s legal problems, while dealing with his own issues. It’s about faith and, well, conviction, and losing both. I don’t want to give too much away about this one, but trust me, you’ll want to read it.


These all come out in 2015, so get them on your reading lists now.

What books are you excited to read in the new year?

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