Two years and one week ago, I had one of the coolest weeks ever. So every year at this time, I like to celebrate it, because the week changed my life significantly.

We’ll start on February 23rd.

On February 23rd, my best friend was scheduled to have her first child. While at work, I had my phone glued to me, waiting for any sort of information from her husband (who is also a very good friend). The day went by. By the time I left work, the baby was still not here. That night, I went to the supermarket with S and another good friend. While waiting at the deli, I checked my phone again. I didn’t have a message from her, but I DID have an email from an agent I had recently queried.

She liked my book. She wanted to chat.

I freaked out in the supermarket and responded to her as soon as I returned home. We scheduled a phone call for the following morning and an hour later, my friend’s baby made it into the world. And here’s the thing – my friends have had babies before. My relatives have, too. I love them all dearly. But seeing the first picture of the little guy filled me with so much love, I couldn’t even control it. 

February 24th. I spoke with said agent in the confines of my office (I was working at a college library at the time, where I had a fancy office within the fancy library’s main floor). She knew my book so well, she knew my characters. It was that call I waited for, that I only dreamed would come. She offered to represent me and TNWSY, and I danced around the room. I had to contact the other agents who had my book of course, but my mind was pretty much set.

March 2nd. I had my third interview with another library. They were hard interviews, including presentations, one-on-one meetings, q&as and more. After meeting with the director of the entire county-wide system that morning, I was taken aside and offered the position of librarian. I took it on the spot, knowing instantly that it was the right decision.

An hour later, I accepted representation from my now-agent Michelle. Like I said, I knew she was it from the beginning.

That night, S and I had a lot to celebrate.

So I find it crazy that, two years later, i’m in the same place, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m still (very happily) at my job. I’m still represented by Michelle. And, well obviously, my friends still have their baby (who is now two!). The only difference is that things are, crazy enough, better. I’ve become more comfortable in my job, and continue to strive for more exciting programs. My agent got me my book deal, and I’m currently sending her my next manuscript. And my friend? Well just yesterday she threw me my own baby shower.

It’s weird what a difference one week could make. And what two years can make. And I can’t wait to see what happens next year at this exact same time.

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