A few weeks ago, a group of 2015 MG and YA debut writers and I created a wonderful website entitled…FEARLESS FIFTEENERS! On the site, we’ll discuss our books, other books, writing, publishing, life, and more. So stop on by! There will be interviews and giveaways and other awesome things as we lead up to our releases. We’re taking over for One-Four Kid Lit, and all the other MG/YA debut websites that paved the way before us. We’re really excited! 

On the note of being fearless, this past week something kind of scary happened – I left my 20s. Just left them behind, discarded with my dirty clothes and dinner crumbs. I’m now 30, which is weird to say and process. And though I was a bit scared to start this stage of my life, I’m also really…excited. Because with 30 comes a book deal and a baby. A sense of comfort with my job, and a new year of writing possibilities. A sense of knowledge and pride in who I am. Sure, maybe i’m in a new box when I check off my age, but I’m also entering a new stage of my life. And perhaps I should be scared that i’m halfway to 60, or no longer in the “best years of my life,” but really? I’m looking forward to it. Because if my 30s are anything like my 20s, I’m okay.

I’ll be okay. 

Here’s to new, fearless adventures. 

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