Tales from our Wedding: The Running of the Spanx

Elevator ride, post spanx. The lovely groomsman on the left was my helper. This is also one of my favorite photos from the wedding.

I hate spanx. I do. But apparently they’re great when you’re wearing a tight outfit. Or, in my case, a wedding dress. So I wore them while getting ready. I wore them to the ceremony. I wore them throughout the photos. And I wore them while in the dressing room with the bridal party, feasting on some of the cocktail hour foods.

They were uncomfortable for 99% of the time.

While walking to the main reception room for our entrance, I realized I had enough.

“I can’t wear them anymore. I want to eat. I want to breath.”

S offered to run them back, but there wasn’t enough time and I wanted him with me. So one groomsman, one brave, kind groomsman, piped up:

“I’ll run them back!”

I looked at S and nodded my head. I ran to the bathroom, which was nearby, stripped them off, and gave them to him. He ran – literally ran – back to the dressing room and made it to the reception hall in time for his entrance.

I’m sure when prepping for the wedding, he never thought he’d be running the bride’s under garments around the science center. I’m sure that was never part of his plan. Still, he’ll always be known as my spanx runner. And I’ll always be eternally grateful for that.

2 thoughts on “Tales from our Wedding: The Running of the Spanx

  1. Michelle C. says:

    Love the picture above! Great story and still one the most hilarious stories from your wedding! Hence, my SPANX picture to you. Happy one year anniversary (in a week) 🙂

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