If You Like Twilight…

Have you seen the AMAZING chart the Lawrence Public Library made, recommending titles similar to The Hunger Games? I printed a few copies out and put them on our YA display at my library, and they were taken within minutes. It was amazing. So for the past week, I’ve been printing more out, as well as making my own for my library. I have four in the works, but here’s the first…

(As a note, the Bella/Buffy part isn’t quite accurate. There’s romance in the Buffy books, and hardcore ladies in the Bella books. I just wanted to have fun with titles.)

You can download the PDF here: IfYouLikeTwilightFinal2

Please feel free to use it as you’d like. I’m happy for it to be passed around.

Thanks to the Lawrence Public Library for making the original one. You guys are fantastic.

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