Putting it to sleep

Sometimes writing needs to breathe. It needs air, space, time to develop into what it wants to be. It needs to rest, and not be pressed into what it isn’t. It needs to understand that nothing else can be done at the time being, but perhaps, hopefully, the future can change that. Sometimes, it just needs to take a nap to be recharged.

Book 2, or, TSWB, is at that stage. For the past month or so I’ve been editing it – fixing the grammar and story and character names. I’ve been piecing together parts that were missing; fixing parts I knew could be written better. So now, it’s a complete story. It’s there. And it’s…fine. Overwhelmingly fine. I love the characters, but I feel like the plot needs work. And I’m not sure what kind of work.

So i’ve decided to let it sleep for a while. Once I tried pushing and prodding, I knew nothing would happen. I’m too close to it right now, too confused. Like a relationship, we just need a small break to remind ourselves of what we like about one another. To remind me of what I once saw it in. To let me fall in love all over again.

So that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m not giving up on it, oh no, I like it far too much. But I am putting it aside for the time being to let it grow and mature on its own. Because I know in a bit, when I open up the document again, I’ll know exactly what to do to make it what I want it to be. What it should be. And what it was meant to be.

Have you ever put a piece of writing to the side? How was it when you were reunited? 

One thought on “Putting it to sleep

  1. bwtaylor75 says:

    I believe in doing the same thing. Some time away can let your mind recharge, or let ideas marinate and take root. I find forcing myself to do anything is usually counter productive.

    When I go back the mist has been lifted and I can see clearly, or in a different light. The mind is a mysterious and wonderful thing, not to mention mine is an idea ninja. Book #2 is going to be great! Naps usually make anyone a little less cranky. Just make sure you don’t wake it too early.

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