A Winner and a New Friend

The winner of The Mockingbirds is…COLURE! While her answer is not the title of Book 2, I’m considering re-naming it now. I mean, how could “Three Serious Wacked-Out Babies” NOT sell?

Congratulations Colure!

Thanks to everyone else for entering. Expect a new giveaway soon!

Now, I would have announced the winner sooner, but I had a slight problem this week. I’ll explain.

Over the past few months, I’ve developed a bit of a morning routine. I wake up at 6 am, shower,  eat breakfast/drink coffee/write until I have to finish getting ready for work. It’s really great; I love starting my day so relaxed and creative. For me, words flow easier so early.

Anyway, Thursday I was doing my routine, getting a few words down for Book 3 (YEP! I’m holding off on editing Book 2 right now–rather let it settle and get this new sparkly idea down) when all of a sudden my coffee falls. Onto my laptop.

I screamed.

Have you ever seen a wet laptop? It’s the saddest thing. The liquid rolls down the screen creating tears. TEARS. I felt like a mother that just dropped her baby.

I went into SAVE THE LAPTOP mode and tried to clean it off as best as I could. S did some research and we took apart some parts and cleaned out others. Then, all we could do was wait for it to dry. So I went to work, saddened. When I got home, the laptop wouldn’t turn on. It wouldn’t the next morning either. It was dead.

I took to to the Mac store and was pretty much in tears. I mean, it was over four years old, it had a good life, but still. I wrote my books on it. It still worked really well. It was my child! (Okay, not really, but you know.) Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do. So I had to say goodbye and buy a new laptop. (Thank goodness for savings.)

So here’s what I’ve learned from this experience: back up everything (thankfully I did, and then the Mac people showed me how to convert my old hard drive – which worked! – into an external hard drive); have extra money lying around in case you do something stupid; and never, ever, ever drink around a laptop.


So, goodbye MacBook – you were a great friend and loyal electronic device – and hello MacBook Air. You’re cute and tiny and I’m excited to get to know you. I promise to take care of you, and not allow a beverage within a one mile radius.

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