Golden Age

I’ve been heavily editing and working on Book 2 lately, thus my lack of posts. BUT! I have missed you all dearly, so I’m stopping in to say hello (hello!) and offer you this quote:

“We’re in a kind of golden age of books for teenagers — in fact, the best ones are more satisfying reads than most of the best books published for adults,”  (via NY Times.)

While I don’t think we should be comparing, I DO think more people should see YA lit as fiction in general. Not just books for children, and not “lesser” fiction. There’s some good stuff out there. Why not check it out regardless of its location in a bookstore/library?

Fun fact: At the library we have a giant display of new YA lit. There isn’t a sign on it or anything, just a great display of prominent authors. Many adult patrons pick up – and love – the books not even realizing they’re perusing a young adult section.

2 thoughts on “Golden Age

  1. bwtaylor75 says:

    Hi, Lauren! I’m editing too! Good books are good books, who cares what genre they fall under? Hope you haven’t got any blisters from hacking and slashing at your manuscript. 😉

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