Editing Agents

I did a ton of research before querying agents and learned something interesting. There are, apparently, two types of agents: ones who offer editorial suggestions/revisions and ones who don’t. What I wanted most was for my MS to be good, so I decided to only query agents who mentioned that they would work with me to perfect my MS, and offer editorial suggestions prior to submission.

Let’s just say that it was the best decision I could ever make.

My agent is amazing. After agreeing to work with her, within a week she sent me a document that basically outlined a few areas I could beef up and/or improve. I loved reading her advice, and loved applying it to TNWSY. Because everything she suggested was spot on. They made my book so much better, deeper, more complex. It’s like she opened up my idea and fluffed it up a bit.

Now i’m onto line edits and while opening my track changed document was a bit jarring at first (what? so much is bad?) I saw quickly that her changes were all for the better, and, honestly, there weren’t that many big ones. (It’s like seeing the red pen on an essay. You just assume everything written is bad, and don’t look for the compliments buried within.) She had grammatical suggestions, places to emphasize, places to stretch out. And as I accepted the changes, I saw how it all worked really well. And how she’s totally right about nearly everything. And I know it’s not required to accept every suggestion, every edit an agent offers, but I actually love everything she’s done. Truly.

So! My advice is this – when looking for agents, decide which kind you want to work with. If you’d rather just go straight to submissions, that’s fine! But if you’d rather get down to the nitty gritty and uncover diamonds in the rough, perhaps go with an editing agent. I adore mine, and I hope you’ll like yours, too.

7 thoughts on “Editing Agents

  1. hannahkarena says:

    That’s EXACTLY the kind of agent I’m looking for; but I’ve never seen such a fact posted on an agent’s website before. I was just submitting to a wide range of agents, hoping to find one interested in offering a fresh set of eyes and helping a bit with editing before submission. I’ll know to keep an eye out from now on! Thanks for the post :]

    • Lauren says:

      I found some of the information in interviews they do. (Yeah, I looked up interviews prior to querying because I’m a crazy person.) Or, once they offer representation, just ask them! Definitely something to look into.

      • bwtaylor75 says:

        You’re not crazy, you’re smart! I do the same thing and it really helps, especially when it come to breaking the ice. Many times agents will give you hints about what they wish they saw more of in interviews. Interviews can help save you a rejection or two if you can uncover the agent’s specific tastes.

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