80s Crush

I’m participating in the Tumble 4 YA Blogfest writers prompt, which is quite simple – who was your 80s celebrity  crush.

Here’s the thing – I was born in 1983. If the prompt asked for your very early 90s celebrity crush, that would have been totally easy.*

So for the sake of the blogfest, I’m going with my 80s crush that I had in the 90s (when I was of crushing age). As soon as I saw the film in middle school, I was hooked. In love! And to this day, I still have a small soft spot for the actor…

That’s right. Ferris Bueller. I loved him so. His words! His wit! His adorable smile! I watched ever Matthew Broderick movie after that and fell in love even more.


His movies might not be fantastic nowadays, but have you seen his musicals? Double swoon.

So that’s it. My 80s crush is Ferris Bueller  Matthew Broderick.

* – What is that? You’d like to know my very first celebrity crushes from the 1990s? Oh, well that I can easily discuss. At the top, Elijah Wood in The Adventures of Huck Finn and then everything else to the point that my best guy friend in college got me the Frodo action figure. I should be embarrassed, shouldn’t I?

A close second place goes to Austin O’Brien (Last Action Hero/My Girl 2) and Devon Sawa (Casper/Now and Then).

Honorable mentions are awarded to JTT and Leo. I don’t even need to continue their names. If you were a pre-teen in the early 90s, you know.

19 thoughts on “80s Crush

  1. Nicki Elson says:

    Nice taste in 80s men, young one! A while ago I cast the imaginary movie of my book with 80s men, and Broderick stole the role for Dave #1. Totally swoonworthy. Thanks for your awesome contribution to the fest. 🙂

    So weird – Elijah Wood as Huck Finn was just on my TV yesterday.

    • Lauren says:

      I’d see that imaginary movie! Re: the Huck Finn movie, in retrospect he may not have been the perfect Huck, but man was Elijah Wood dreamy back then to me.

  2. Jennifer Lane says:

    Excellent choice. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is still one of my favorite movies. In fact, I’m going to go add it to “My Favorite Movies” board on Pinterest. Never mind that I’ve already wasted approximately 5 hours today on Pinterest. Anyway, I loved when Ferris played the clarinet(?) so poorly and said to the camera, “Never had one lesson!” 😀

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