It’s that thing…

I love me some Stefon. He’s by far my favorite sketch on SNL right now. The things he says are beyond ridiculous, and Hader’s laughing makes it even better. (It’s beside the point that I totally ❤ Hader.) Anyway, with S’s birthday coming up, we decided to Stefon the Facebook invite up. What do you think?


If you’re looking for a great way to spend a Friday evening look no further.

Orlando’s hottest party is “Samir is Old.”


Sting rays, collared shirts, Ukrainian people, a mortar without a pestle, And who’s that in the corner? Is that former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee? No, it’s a trashcan wearing a dress!

Come and celebrate with us and perhaps you’ll get to drink an Irish cement mixer.

You know, it’s that thing when when you mix a cocktail in the beak of a pelican and then immediately eat a raw potato and emigrate to the United States.

So come on over; we hope to see you there!

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