Shannon, me, Katie

Here are two of my friends and I celebrating New Years Eve. Three things are abundantly clear from this photo:

  1. I have amazing friends.
  2. We’re very sad you’re not partying with us.
  3. I have rather large eyes.

Among other resolutions I’ve made this year (learn to knit, do some sort of physical activity besides riding my bicycle to work, do everything in my power to get my book published, start second book), I’d like to write more in this blog. I like this blog. It’s a good blog.

What are some of your resolutions for the new year?

2 thoughts on “2012

    • laurengibaldi says:

      Great resolutions! While getting my masters, I volunteered at my local library, teaching information literacy classes. It was really fun, and helped a ton when I started interviewing for jobs after receiving my degree.

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