No Touchy

I think i’m going crazy.

When I was young, I had this weird thing where I HAD to sleep with blankets covering my neck. I couldn’t even get comfortable if my neck was exposed. I blame this on early viewings of Robocop. While I don’t remember the movie much (as it traumatized very little me), I do recall a scene where someone was stabbed in the neck with a syringe. Of course, this memory could prove to be false, but I’m holding onto it. Anyway, I figured blankets would stop a would-be drug injector from getting to me. Behold the power of blankets!

Around college, I grew this weird aversion to anything touching my neck. Anything. At. All. Goodbye drug blockers, blankets couldn’t go up there. Neither could turtlenecks. I was extremely ticklish, but that wasn’t even it. I just didn’t like things touching me.

So of course over time, sleeping got a bit harder. I had to ensure my hair was pulled back before bed. Shirts had to be loose. Weird, right? But if I abided by these new rules, I slept fine.

That is, until this week. Now, shirts have become a problem. I can wear a tank top fine, but a t-shirt? Oh no. I wake up with my hands literally grabbing at the neck of my shirt, pulling it down. It’s weird. And kind of frightening. I can’t fall asleep if the t-shirt is anywhere near my neck. So, back to tank tops despite the colder weather.

So, please, do tell – I’m going crazy, aren’t I?

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3 thoughts on “No Touchy

  1. bernadette says:

    Lauren, I have a similar problem. I can’t sleep with my neck being exposed at all. I literally have to wrap both my arms around my neck by sleeping on my side. I’ve tried to sleep on my back, but I get this strange feeling something will clench to my neck, and I associate this to a movie as well…The Exorcist. I distinctly remember watching Regan, the possessed girl, being treated at the hospital, and the doctor stuck a needle into her neck. The blood had spurted in a pulsating fashion out from the other end. It seemed so real and scary of the thought of that ever happening to me. I must have been around three or four at the time, but definitely have been traumatized by that movie in more than one way (still not able to watch fully without getting freaked out and hiding behind a pillow and can’t stand needles). So, maybe your thoughts on where it may have stemmed from is the root. This also helps me to put my entanglement sleeping arrangement into perspective as well. I’m still working on finding positions comfortable enough with arms to side, but there’s nights where I need to curl my neck around my arms to sleep. :/

    • laurengibaldi says:

      I’m so sorry you have a similar problem. I treat it as a joke, but really – it’s quite frustrating at times. It’s interesting that you associate your sleeping habit with a film as well. I’m keeping my future kids away from horror films, that’s for sure! Good luck finding a better sleeping position.

  2. bernadette says:

    it doesn’t hinder my lifestyle, but it does look strange when i sleep. i just need a coffin to go with the effect 😉

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