The Engagement Story

Did you know there are hundreds – I mean HUNDREDS – of different bridal magazines? One for every state/city/type of bride/hair color. I mean, seriously. How does one go through all of that?

They don’t. That’s why I’m writing in my blog.

And so, the engagement story:

A few weeks ago, Samir asked if I wanted to go down to Sarasota with him to visit his parents and (most importantly) relax by the beach. Of course I agreed. And so, this past Saturday we left.

The drive was really easy up until the very end when it a) started raining and b) turned into nonstop traffic. I was getting irritated. Samir was edgy. Truly, it was forming to be the perfect afternoon. But, he still wanted to bring me some place nice, since we had the time. So we decided on the marina.

It was really pretty there, and the weather cleared up. After walking around for a bit, we sat on a bench and watched the boats we’ll never own float across the water. After a while, he started saying nice things and I got suspicious (not because he never says kind things, but – you know). Then he stood up. Then I said the first stupid thing.

“Are you really doing this?” In my mind, I was excitedly asking him. Apparently, it didn’t come out that way.

So he got down on one knee. Stupid thing #2.

“You don’t have to kneel!” Again, in my mind I was saying that because the ground was hot and he was wearing shorts. And, of course, it did not come out that way.

But he continued anyway, offering pretty words, and finally put the ring on my finger. There was shaking and tears and hugs and so on. A few minutes later he had to make sure I said yes because, apparently, I didn’t really say anything. I’m obviously great under emotional situation.

It was perfect in so many ways. It was us together with no one else really around. No spectators besides random people a few benches down. No grand gestures. No cheesy lines. It was simple – and simple, to me, is always more.

Now, here’s what I didn’t know:

Two weeks prior, while I was in New York, he had gone to my parents’ house to ask my dad’s permission.  My dad excitedly called my mom, who told my aunt, who promptly called my cousin – who I was standing next to at the time. My cousin did an amazing job of covering things up, because I didn’t suspect a thing.

A week prior, he went to my parents’ house for the ring. Here’s the story behind the ring: it was, originally, my Great Aunt Faye’s from the 1930s. She was the first person in my family to marry outside of the religion. Obviously, I’m doing the same, so I really wanted that specific ring. I was emotionally attached to it, so really, it’s perfect.

A few days prior, he got it cleaned while I was at work. At that point, my family knew, his family knew. EVERYONE knew but me. But that’s the best, isn’t it?

And so – that’s the story. We’re both extremely excited – and really stunned by all of the messages we’ve received. (We love you all!) Now, I’m sorting through wedding magazines and trying to pick a venue so we can set a date. We’re thinking late September 2011. I’m thinking pumpkins.

This is going to be one exciting year.

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