Road Trip Wednesday – Best Book of March

Today’s prompt from YA Highway is: “What was the best book you read in March?”

This was actually kind of easy. I only read three books this month, so I didn’t have much to choose from, but my favorite was hands down Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, the second book in her Delirium trilogy.

I reviewed Delirium previous here, and as you can see, I really enjoyed it. So of course I was thrilled for the sequel to come out. With the popularity of Hunger Games right now, I’ve been recommending my friends to this series next, over the other YA dystopias out there. Why? I find this one so incredibly haunting and real. And Oliver is one of the best writers out there. (If you don’t like dystopian novels, check out her first novel, Before I Fall.)

I won’t write much about it because it only gives away the first book (which you should read), but just know it’s just as action packed as the first (if not more), and Lena, the main character, is so compelling and strong, it’s crazy. She’s a great heroine, and I can’t see what happens to her next. But what I found most relevant about it is that, especially right now with a conservative fight going on politically, I can almost see the country going “yes, i agree, we should get rid of love! It’s a disease!” Crazy, right?

Anyway, that’s the best book I read in March.