Author Photos!

A few weeks back my friend Valeria took my author photos. Taking author photos is a weird experience, especially when you opt to do them outside (like I did), because people stare. They wonder what is this photo shoot for? True, I do not have a fiance or pregnant belly or baby around. Yep, it is just me. Which makes me assume they’re thinking Does she think she’s a model? Because…

Har har har.

Odd looks aside, it was a really great experience because a) Valeria is my friend, so I didn’t feel completely awkward and b) we had a lot of fun! On top of that, she’s an amazing photographer. Proof?


Oh, hi, look at me casually smiling.


Why, yes, I do randomly lean on brick walls!


Sometimes I just post outside of doors. You know, as one does.

Aren’t they amazing? I’m so incredibly happy with them. This was actually our third attempt at taking photos because the first two times we were rained out. Coincidentally, it’s my third choice of wardrobe, too. I sent rather spastic e-mails to my friends Jenny & Jessica questioning the cool-factor of cardigans (since that’s my day-to-day wardrobe). I also had my co-workers pick out favorite author photos to show me, as books were returned to the library.

I may over-think things.

Now on to the important question – which is your favorite?

All images courtesy KV Photography. if you need a photographer, and you’re in the Orlando area, check them out (website, Facebook). They’re the tops.