This Tiny Perfect World

I was shy in school. Really shy. I moved from New York to Florida for 8th grade, made a few friends, and then was thrown into high school where my friends found other friends and while some of us stuck together, others were lost to the sea of adolescence. I don’t blame them, it happens to us all.

When I moved, it was my goal to become someone who had a voice–someone who could voice their opinions and not just fade into the background. And I did, eventually. It didn’t happen all at once. One moment didn’t snap me into a new and wonderful person. But little things contributed. Great friends. New environment. And, well, theatre.

I joined theatre because it seemed amazing–it seemed like something I wouldn’t do. So I made myself do it. I made myself audition for plays, sing in front of people, and talk to strangers. I made myself try. And I loved it. I loved being on stage. I loved finding like-minded people. I loved knowing that I found this small, perfect home within the high school walls. Each day I looked forward to my time there.

High school is a small spec in a larger world. And a drama club is an even smaller point. But when you’re part of it, it feels so big.

And that feeling–that feeling of being big in somewhere so small–is what led me to write THIS TINY PERFECT WORLD. My third book, which will be out in 2017 with HarperTeen / HarperCollins. (!!!)

this tiny perfect world

I’m so excited to share this tiny new world with you.


Did you know that it’s less than TWO MONTHS before AUTOFOCUS, my second novel, is released? I certainly didn’t until I looked at the date. And cheered. It’s crazy to think that in June (14th, to be exact!) I’ll have two novels out. Wasn’t I just dreaming about writing a few days ago? It was draining to write, but in the best way possible way. I’m so excited for you all to read it.

Currently, advanced copies are being sent around, so here are some ways you can get one!

  • I recently contributed to the These Words Matter series, about the book that made me a reader (Spoiler alert: A Summer to Die by Lois Lowry). Check it out, and enter to win an ARC!
  • Electronic ARCs are up on Edelweiss for bloggers/teachers/librarians to review. So feel free to request it.
  • Last, my writing friend, Kathryn Holmes, and I are doing a giveaway for both of our books (since they release on the same day–ahh!) Check out Twitter to enter!

giveaway instagram

And, last, if you’ve managed to get an advanced copy, I’d love to know! Send me a photo, and i’ll post some soon. 🙂

Photography Challenge: 1

My second novel, AUTOFOCUS, comes out this summer. In it, Maude is a budding photographer. Whether it’s her trusty DSLR or phone camera, she’s always trying to capture moments. She wants to find ways of making moments immortal, in a way, since finding anything on her birth mother is nearly impossible.

Since photography is a huge part of AUTOFOCUS, from now through its release I’m going to have a different photography challenge each month. And each month I’ll choose a winner who will receive a signed ARC of the book. Sound fun? I hope so!

Photography Challenge 1: 

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.00.29 PM

Maude loves taking pictures with her best friend Treena. She calls them buddy shots (a selfie is when you take a picture of just yourself, a buddy shot is when you take a picture with your buddy.) Take a buddy shot with your BFF. It could be an old picture or new. It could be a friend, a relative, a pet even.

To enter: Tweet photo to me (@laurengibaldi) with the hashtag: #autofocusbuddyshot

Open to US/Canada through February 26th. GOOD LUCK!